Top Rated Best Electronic Cigarette Brands of 2015

the best electronic cigarette

Looking for the absolute best electronic cigarette online? We can help. The good reasons for giving up smoking tobacco are well established to everyone so there’s no need to go into the myriad of health risks involved with smoking and the proven benefits of cessation. E cigarettes have been a godsend to millions of former smokers all over the world and it’s downright stupid (and even deadly) to wait another day before you get started on improving your health and stopping the never ending flow of cash out of your bank account going to the cigarette store.

I have personally tried about every make, style and brand of e cigs on the market and have without a doubt come to find that V2 e cigs are far superior to all others. I have tried reusable, disposable, vaporizers and even e cigars and have consistently found the overall functioning of V2 products and the quality, lasting power and performance to be far superior to any others. Plus it doesn’t take a huge leap of faith to these either because they offer a lifetime guarantee on all of their electronic products.

E Cig Brands Made Specifically for Women?

They’ve already thought of that and have designed a classier more stylish line of e cig specifically designed with women in mind, the Vapor Couture line. V2’s highly intuitive website guides through a wide variety of ever evolving classic and sophisticated styles which allow you to incorporate the best e cig in the world with your style and sense of everyday fashion.

Why Should I Make the Move to Electronic Vaping?

Well, for starters I’m pretty sure that in the back of your mind you know what the right move is, health benefits notwithstanding. Smoking tobacco is deadly, expensive, smelly, a major turn off to non-smokers and all around filthy. I bless everyday I’m able to take the dog on a short run without becoming almost immediately winded, every night that I sleep more soundly and restfully and every time I check the balance in my bank account. Further, I know have the love of a good soul partner who says they never would have been attracted to me in the first place and therefore gotten to know me had I been a smoker. Take back your lungs. Take back your life.

How do I Know Which E Cig is Best for Me?
Perhaps the most common kind of e cigarettes are the disposable ones. One of the things I like best is that they have a variety of these online in different flavors and styles. Disposable electronic cigs are obviously not made to be refilled but rather disposed off once they stop pulling. You’ll notice a lessening of the throat hit the longer you use a disposable and when it’s simply not cutting the mustard anymore you move to a fresh one.

The most reliable and cheapest method for purchasing the ecig in the disposable model is online through V2/s easy to use site. They come in packs of 5 or 10. They offer a model of their own precision design in menthol and tobacco flavors and they are also the best place to get Zig Zag’s timeless line offered in the same flavors.

I’ve found in my studies that the most reliable and easiest e cig is the reusable variety and that’s why I was lead to V2, everyone simply recommends them as the best out there in 2014. They offer a wide variety of starter kits that come with everything you need to get started on becoming an e cig enthusiast and improving your health and longevity.

The basic starter kit is quite a value and comes with literally everything you need, but the more expanded packages are where you’ll find the best values. They even have a couple kit which is two basic kits at a better value. This is the product I have found to be the most satisfying and I can’t even begin to tell you how much better I sleep at night, how much easier I breathe and the money I’ve saved from not buying tobacco smokes.